1. Introduction

1.1 Do you..
1.1.1. .. like to play Napoleonic wargames?
1.1.2. .. like to play wargames with miniatures, with different battle formations, volleys and skirmishing?
1.1.3. .. like to play large battles, taking the role of Napoleon or one of his marshals?
1.1.4. .. want to play on top of a map of an historical battle, with realistic distances and formation sizes?
1.1.5. .. have quite a few beautifully painted miniatures and a relatively small table?
1.1.6. .. like to play slowly flowing games instead of quick action ones?

Then the EMPEROR Rules are for you!

1.2. The EMPEROR Rules..
1.2.1. .. mainly use turns that represent ten minutes and a Basic Distance (BD) of 200 meters or yards.
1.2.2. .. show troops and losses as numbers of actual men and named generals for better visual appearance, but really record/count only units' remaining ability to fight.
1.2.3. .. consider a unit's own morale more important than its potential ability to inflict losses on the enemy.
1.2.4. .. consider the quality of the Chain of Command more important than the quality of Units.
1.2.5. .. go through all phases of a turn simultaneously for all players.
1.2.6. .. allow players to design proper armies for every nation and for every period without "national modifiers".
1.2.7. .. enable gigantic multiplayer battles to be played smoothly as small corps contra corps games.
1.2.8. .. are excellent for internet games with host.
1.2.9. .. minimize the risk of disputes about measuring distances.