2.1. Measures

2.1.1. Game Turn length: 10 minutes. Turn is simultaneous for all players. Each turn is divided into the following phases: Chain of Command and optional Weather events. (3.1) Artillery fire. (3.2) Skirmish fire. (3.3) Infantry fire. (3.4) Charge declarations. (3.5) Troop movement. (3.6) Minibattles. (3.7) Restoring order. (3.8) Routs and POWs. (3.9)

2.1.2. Basic Distance (BD) = 200 meters or yards. The length of the front of four average Game Bases (2.4) in line (4Bases=1Unit) determines the length of 1BD on the table. With 6mm-8mm (and smaller) figures on 1.25cm (half inch) wide bases the recommended BD is 5cm (2 inches) and the map scale 1:4000. With up to 10mm-15mm-18mm figures on large (2.5cm / 1 inch wide) bases, the recommended BD is 10cm (4 inches) and the map scale 1:2000. If you use option 1Base=1Unit or 2Bases=1Unit, then you may use even smaller scales, where BD is 2.5cm (1 inch) and the map scale 1:8000
(like Von Reisswitz's 1824 Prussian Kriegsspiel maps). Also you may with this options use bigger (20-28mm) figures and play on 1:2000 maps.
The only difference is, that instead of markers on table you must use the tracking tables on paper. But of cource all lengths and scales, determined by length of your existing bases, are useful. Until you have tables big enough. Half BD is used as the front for dense Artillery and for generating optional random movement speeds.

2.1.3. Ten sided (d10) and normal six sided (d6) dice are used.. Up to four d10 (4d10) dice are used for combat; lower results are better and throws of "0" cause a special event (optional). Normal d6 dice are used for special events, weather events and in Chain of Command tests.