2.3. Unit parameters

2.3.2. Units' Basic values Type (T) 1 - Line Infantry / Irregular Cavalry / Light (Foot) Artillery 2 - Light Infantry / Light Cavalry / Heavy (Position) Artillery 3 - Crack troops / Cavalry / Horse Artillery Drill (D) 0 - Undrilled 1 - Some drill, but to a low standard 2 - Well-drilled 3 - Drilled to perfection; the highest standard of drill Experience (E) 0 - Raw recruits with no combat experience 1 - A little combat experience 2 - Experienced troops 3 - Veterans of more than one campaign; seasoned professionals Motivation, Morale, Bravery (M) 0 - Indifferent, uninterested (standard value) 1 - Well-motivated, confident 2 - Fanatics, Old Guard -1 to -3 - Low Morale due to lack of food or pay; unwilling conscripts etc. Horse Size (HS) 0 - Cossack ponies 1 - Small light cavalry horses 2 - Medium line cavalry horses 3 - Large, heavy horses Horse Quality (HQ) Horse Quality represents the unit's ability to charge repeatedly at maximum speed. Maximum speed increases the chances of Charges, Screening, Pursuits and escapes from pursuit. HQ value is from 0 to 3 and is shown by the number of cavalry NCOs. Each time a Unit uses maximum speed, one of its NCOs will be removed. Lances (La) Lances increase the effectiveness of Charges, Screening, Pursuit and Melee against infantry. The presence of lances is marked by a separate figure with a lance. Polish and Tartar units may have several such figures. Units lose the lances marker/figure after escaping from Melee against cavalry. Musketoons, carbines (Ca) Carbines increase the effectiveness of cavalry Screen and Melee against infantry. They also allow cavalry to perform Defensive Fire. All cavalry carry Carbines, therefore they are not marked. But historically sometimes cavalry was ordered to give away its firearms and then we count this by default again. Cuirasses (Cu) 0 - Unarmoured, without cuirasses. 1 - Front plates only offer Protection in Charge. 2 - Front and back plates offer Protection in both Charge and Melee. Cuirasses are visible on figures, so they do not have to be marked.