2.4. Generals and ADC

2.4.1. There are Player-Generals (PG), who represent players himself (on white horses), and there are Non-Player-Generals (NPG), who represent commanding resource for these players. All Generals are showed as mounted single figures of high officers.

2.4.2. Generals are divided to actual Commanding Generals and their ADC. ADC may be showed as Staff officers: Chief of Staff, personal ADC etc. role of ADC in game is to carry out their General's Orders, when General prefers not to move by himself, and take over the command of troops organization, when General falls. So if Player General are killed on table, then player may continue to play as one of his own ADC. But with this ADC commanding restrictions.

2.4.3. Generals and ADC's rank and place in Chain of Command is showed by their Type Value: 1 - Brigade (command directly Units) 2 - Division (not available before Napoleonic) 3 - Corps (or Columns before Napoleonic) 4-9 - Higher levels (Army-, Wing- and Cavalry Commanders, until Emperor himself) Higher levels Player Generals (PG) may have no actual Units to command, so even people, who don't know the Rules, may participate in Game.

2.4.4. Player Generals (PG) are without restrictions, but all NPG haved 3 personal characteristics (Values). Drill. General's possibility to act in Chain of Command as disciplined subordinate. Possible values from 0 to 3. Improves chances to properly understand and transmit Orders. Experience. General's possibility to act in Chain of Command as initiatived Commander. Possible values from 0 to 3. Improves chances to give independent Orders. Moral. General's possibility to dominate and inspire. Possible values from 0 to 2. Amount of extra 1d6 to throw in Commanding Tests and Bonus Modifier for Units Bravery Tests. General's Characteristics (Values) are shown in abstract table on back of Generals Base. (4.4)

2.4.5. Chain of Command and Commanding Resource. Every General may command only subordinated to them by Chain of Command Generals and Units. PG is responsible for all subordinated Generals (Units) until subordinated another PG in Chain of Command. All NPG in this responsible area of Chain of Command are PG's Commanding Resource. Commanding Resource means, that PG may use these NPGs as he wish and are limited only by Chain of Command and Generals personal Standing Orders and Characteristics. So player may enjoy every level of commanding. In multiplayer games every player may have several PG. But these PGs must not to be in same commanding line in Chain of Command and not near on game table. So this is OK to command Infantry Corps on one wing and Cavalry Corps on other wing.