2.4. Landscape

2.4.1. Landscape divides to Fields and Elements. Landscape Fields are big areas which cover all Battlefield - forests, scrublands, meadows, plowed lands, swamps, villages, lakes etc. Landscape Fields minimum size is 1/2 BD x 1 BD. Landscape Elements are narrow lines and passages on them - rivers, fords, bridges, walls, roads, gates, hedges, brinks etc. Landscape Elements maximum width is 1/4 BD.

2.4.2. Landscape is characterized by Permeability (Pe) and Protection (Pr), showed by two numbers (00 for example is main value). Permeability: affects on movement speed. 0 - flat and firm ground, no obstacles; 1 - with obstacles and slowing (bushes, plowed fields, sand, beck etc.), but easily permeable; 2 - rough ground (sparse forest, small river, swamps, brink etc.); 3 - impenetrable (dense forest, big river, rock, high wall etc.). Protection / Visibility: protects from fire and charges, also give Morale Bonus for Defenders. 0 - bare ground, no protection; 1 - limited visibility (bushes, hedges, fog etc.); 2 - limited protection (forest, wooden buildings and fences etc.); 3 - strong protection (fortifications, stone buildings and walls etc.).

2.4.3. Contours Contours on different Maps shows different heights between altitudes. We may use 10-20m steps for Contours. Contours will slow down Units speed and impede Artillery fire behind hills. Also offer higher ground benefits.