3.4. Phase 4. Infantry Fire

3.4.1. Infantry Units may fire automatically against an enemy Unit in front of them at a distance closer than 1BD, if they have Ammo. There is no need for a special order. The presence of Ammo is indicated by an NCO figure/marker. Shooting Units don't do anything else on this turn, unless they are being charged by enemy.

3.4.2. For shooting a number of d10 dice will be thrown, according to the Unit's formation and its number of "lives" left. Line uses one 1d10 for every remaining "life". The two best (lowest) results count. Column uses one 1d10 less than the number of remaining "lives". The best (lowest) result counts. Column with only one "life" uses one 1d10 and adds one (+1) to the score. Manoeuvre Column uses one 1d10 and adds three (+3) to the score. Mob uses one 1d10 and adds one (+1) when two "lives" are left, or two (+2) when one "life" is left, to the score. Square uses one 1d10 and adds two (+2), or three (+3) if only one "life" is left, to the score.

3.4.3. Modifiers to dice scores: Shooting may cause an optional Special Event (4.3), if an unmodified "0" is thrown. Otherwise "0" stay unmodified and means missing. Target's formation modifier: Column, Manoeuvre Column, Square or Mob - reduces (improves) die scores by one (-1). Flank of Line or Battery - reduces (improves) die scores by one (-1). Skirmish or Screening Group - increases (worsens) die scores by two (+2). Single Battery - increases (worsens) die scores by one (+1). Target's protection modifier: Protection from Landscape or Buildings/Fortifications - increases (worsen) die scores by its Protection Value (+Pr). Shooter's condition: Presence of Drum - reduces (improves) die scores by one (-1).

3.4.4. Shooting Results, if the modified dice scores are less than or equal to a Unit's Battle Value - "Fire". "Fire" = Drill + Experience.

3.4.5. Every hit causes a "Kill" to the target.

3.4.6. Units which have suffered losses but still have Officers ("lives"), goes through a Forced Bravery Test. (4.3.3)

3.4.7. In case of musketry exchanges between Units, losses will be marked after both sides have fired. If it is necessary to spread losses over several targets, then this must be done as evenly as possible by the player whose units take losses.

3.4.8. Shooting consumes one Ammo, shown by removing an NCO figure.