3.5. Phase 5. Charge declarations.

3.5.1. Alive Generals, who supposed to give Charging Orders to Units, closer than 2BD(Infantry) or 3BD(Cavalry) to enemy in front of him, gives this Orders now. Generals with this Order joined with Unit to Charge.

3.5.2. Moving cavalry, who may charge some enemy on the fly, declares a Charge.

3.5.3. Any Units who must pass a Bravery Test (4.2) before charging do it now. Units in Manoeuvre Columns against the fronts of other Formations. Infantry against the front of Cavalry. (Cavalry automatically charge back.) Against the front of Old Guard Infantry. Failing in Bravery Test causes a "Hit" to the attackers and prevents the Charge.

3.5.4. If a Charge in current Formation will not succeed in contacting its target, due to the landscape's Permeability (Pe), then Mob Formation will be used.

3.5.5. Units and Generals under Charge stays on place and lose all nongived orders for this turn.. Except it's own Charge Orders, then simultaneous Charge occurs.

3.5.6. Charges will be marked by placing mounted Officers and Generals in front of charging Units.