3.8. Phase 8 - Restoring order

3.8.1. Alive Generals with Restore Order gives this order now.. General(s) and target Unit must stay in physical contact on table and be not acted on this Turn. General considered to be acted, if he was attacked by enemy on previous phases through Special Event. Unit considerd to be acted, if it does something in Moving phase, participates on Minibattle or fires in Infantry Fire phase.

3.8.2. Drilled Troops firstly uses one order to restore their Formation, if they are in Mob formation. Doing this, they may change their front direction. Anu type of Formation may be restored without reservations.

3.8.3. Then one order may be used to restore the NCO level control, if missing. Unit get back his missing Mucisian (Drum or Trumpet). Mucisian will be returned without reservations.

3.8.4. Then orders may be used to restore the officer's level control, if missing. Unit get back its missing Flag (King's Color).. Returning the Flag have reservations, Unit must pass the Bravery Test. Unit have so many attempts to pass the Bravery Test as many Generals are there with unused Restore Order.

3.8.5. Excess of unused Restoring Orders are lost..