3.9. Phase 9 - Routs and POWs

3.9.1. Routed are Units without Officers (Lives) or out of control from Generals. Routed Unit have no Formation, Front and Flanks, and their bases are chaotically on table. Optional Routing Marker may be used.

3.9.2. The Genesis of Routers. If Unit loses on current Turn all it Officers (Lives) but stay on table, it Rout. Every such Unit loses their remained Musician and Flag. Instead they get Rout Marker (optional). If Cavalry or Infantry Unit is in contact with enemy Unit(s) and there are no their Generals, closer than 3BD to them or to other friendly Units who are in physical contact with this Unit on table. Every such Unit goes through defenders Bravery Test. If Unit failed this Test, it loses remained Musician and Flag, get Routing Marker (optional) and becomes Routers. If Artillery Battery personnel is forced to abandon their Guns thanks to Bravery Test, Battery Routs. Routed Battery left their Guns on Battlefield but surviving personnel escaped and are removed from Battlefield. After the battle all unmanned Guns, remained on battlefield, will belong to the winner. Surviving Personnel may be used for creating some new Batteries with such unmanned Guns wich Army posesses.

3.9.3. In current Phase every Routed Unit moved toward their Communication Lines or away from nearest enemy Unit with speed 4BD per turn. Landscape elements slowed this speed by their Pe value.

3.9.4. If Routed Unit goes out of Table through their Communication Lines or stays on Table after game is over, then Unit considered to be escaped. Every escaped Unit get back one of their Officers (Lives) (if losed in current battle) and may, in Campaign games, participate in battles on next day.

3.9.5. If moving Infantry or Cavalry Unit touches some Routed Unit in Move phase then moving Unit stops.. If Routed Unit don't have any Officers (Lives). Routed Unit goes through Bravery Test. Unit, who passed Test, offer symbolical honourable last resistance and will be eliminated permanently. The killing place may be decorated with two fallen soldier figures. (Optional) Unit, who failed in Test, surrender. It get back one Officer (Life), get surrender marker with white flag (optional), and considered to be as POW. In current phase every POW Unit moves toward enemies Line of Communication with speed 2BD per turn. Landscape elements slowed this speed by their Pe value. If Routed Unit have Officer(s) (Live). Moving Unit charges, throwing 1d10 dice per every Officer (Life) they have against it's Charge value. Routed Unit don't answer. Losses are marked. Survived Routers run away 4 BD.