In Schedule

10mm Light Horses
Early Austrian Chevauleggers
Piedmontese/Sardinian Dragoons
Piedmontese/Sardinian Artillery
French Revolutionary Generals Personalities
Dutch Dragoons

In Mind

Suvorov in Italy Jägers
Suvorov's troops against Ottoman
French Guard Gendarmes additions
French Guard Eclaireurs 1st and 3rd Regiments

Releases History

10mm 1700 Universal Cavalry and Infantry
Austrian German Infantry in overcoats
Napoleon Buonaparte Early Italy and Austerlitz
French Revolutionary Generals Jourdan, Custine, Dumas

Napoleon Buonaparte Marengo/Egypt
French Revolutionary Generic Generals
Early British Artillery
Early Austrian Grenadiers
Early British Light Dragoons Command
Early British Dragoons Command
Revolutionary French Heavy Cavalry Command
Russian Musketeers with Bicornes and Overcoat 1802-1805
Piedmontese/Sardinian Army Infantry Command
Revolutionary French Infantry Command
Revolutionary Savage French Bleus Skirmishers
Revolutionary French Heavy Cavalry
Revolutionary French Drum Band
Revolutionary French Chasseur-a-Cheval Command

Early British Dragoon Troopers
Sir Henry
Duke of York
1792 British Line Infantry Light Coys
10mm Prussian Uhlans and Landwehr Cavalry 1815
10mm Prussian Hussars 1815
10mm Horses
French Revolutionary Chasseur-a-Cheval Troopers
French Revolutionary Campaign Infantry with Hats
Colonels for new horses
Kutuzov and ADCs 1812 for new horses
Early Austrian Officers for new horses
Early French Colonels for new horses
French Guard Gendarmes Command for new horses
Russian 1812 Corps Commanders for new horses
Murats for new horses
Early Austrian "Hungarian" Grenadiers
Pre-1796 British Light Dragoon Troopers
Piedmont Infantry
Light Cavalry Trotting Horses
French Revolutionary Campaign Infantry with Casquettes
French Revolutionary Parade Infantry with Casquettes
French Revolutionary Parade Infantry with Hats

Perry's "Travel Battle" 8mm French Cuirassieurs and Carabiniers
Early Austrian "Hungarian" Infantry
Suvorov in Italy Command
Russian Uhlans for Austerlitz (w.o. lances)
Early Austrian "German" Infantry
10mm French pre-Bardin Infantry
Perry's "Travel Battle" Skirmishers
Revolutionary French Command started
2nd Generation 1:100 Walking-Standing Line Cavalry Horses
10mm Horses
10mm Russian 1811-1815 Grenadiers
Suvorov in Italy 1799 Musketeers
Suvorov in Italy 1799 Grenadiers and Fusiliers
Russian Borodino Cavalry Generals

French Guard Lithuanian Tartars
Pre-1789 Austrian Jäger with Hats
Pre-1789 Austrian Jäger with Kaskets
6mm French 1806-1812 Infantry
10mm Russian 1809-1815 Infantry
10mm British 1815 Infantry
10mm French Old Guard w Overcoats
10mm French 1806-1815 Infantry w Overcoats
10mm Prussian 1813-1815 Landwehr

1793-1795 Dutch Infantry
1792 Bavarian Infantry
1792 Hessian Infantry
1794 Spanish Infantry
1806-1812 French Line Infantry
Pre-1798 Austrian Dragoon
10mm Prussian 1808-1815 Infantry
10mm French 1813-1815 Infantry

1792 Prussian Infantry
1792 British Infantry
East Indian Company Sepoys
French Revolutionary Les Bleus
Ottoman Nizam-i-Jedid
French Guard Gendarmes
Italian Gardes d'Honneur
16th Century Muscovites
10mm started

French Guard Eclaireurs 2nd Regiment
French Revolutionary Infantry with Casquettes (legere, legions)
8mm French Line & Light Infantry
6mm Russian Cuirassieurs

17th Century Muscovites Cavalry
French Revolutionary Infantry with Casquettes (parade, campaign)
Austrian pre-1789 Dragoons
Last Murats
8mm French Old Guard Grenadiers & Chasseurs

17th Century Muscovites Infantry
Kutuzov & ADC
New Prussian Towarzcys
Krakus Cavalry
Guard Cossacks
Austrian pre-1789 Cavalry
6mm Russian Borodino Infantry
6mm Austrian pre-1789 Infantry

Russian Borodino Generals
Russian Borodino Infantry
6mm started

Prussian Towarzcys
First Murats