Boki Card Wargame

Strategy game for four or more players.
Winner will detected on the end of Game by collected Coins (Victory Points).

One thematic BCW Card Set per player will be used.
Or one (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A) suit from ordinary card deck may be used instead, but then cards back sides for every suit must be different.

Every Card in Set is Game Unit:

King - Noble Heavy Cavalry.
Jack - Gentry Light Cavalry.

10, 9, 8 and 7 - Artillery and Musketeers.
1 or Ace - Pikemen (or Great Leader).
Queen - Great Charming Lady (or Great Leader's Lieutenant).

6 - Supply Train.

Gentlemans Cavalry beats all Artillery and Musketeers, but are hopeless against Pikemens and can't resist to charm of Ladies.
In cavalry battle Nobles beats Gentry.

Scoundrels from Artillery and Infantry beats everybody with number below to them and rape the Queen.
Pikemens raped the Queen and impaled the Cavalry.
Queen can only seduce the Cavalry Gentlemans.

First Active Player are choosen by lot and supplied with Card Deck an Treasure Chest with Victory Point Coins.
First Active Player removes from Card Deck one Supply Train Card (Fast Player Reward) and shuffles Card Deck.

Turn Phases

1. Recruiting. (Until there are cards in Card Deck.)
Active Player gives by clockwise to every Player one card (First Active Player gives four cards), starting with himself.
If any Player got "6" (Supply Train), he put this card openly on table and ask new one.
Each Player sort his cards by back sides and put on table, back sides up.
All cards must be seen by every Player.

2. Declaration of War.
Active Player choose one suit of his cards and challenge with these one other Player.

3. Organization of Defence.
Challenged Player choose one suit of his cards and confrontate with these to attacker.

4. Calling Support.
Clockwise from Defending Player all noncommitted Players may (or not) now choose the side to support.
They add 1-2 cards (from the same suit as supported troops) to supported Player's Flank.
Both fighting armies have only two Flanks, so only up to two supporters per side is possible.
(NB! It is good strategy for both sides to choose for fighting the suit, wich is presented inside the armies of other Players, so they can support you.)

5. Battle.

5.1. Battlefield.
For both sides the battlefield is divided to Center, two Flanks and Rear (Reserves).
Center and Flank troops may form two lines, so may contain 1-2 cards. Must be clear, which card is first and wich is second.
Supporting troops stays on choosen flanks and until they are there alive, the main fighting Players can't move there their troops.
Fighting Players now line up their troops. This may be done secretly from opponent, if wished.
If both Flanks and Center are covered by troops, then the remaining troops may stay in Reserve.
However, if there are only one card in Center, then there may be no more than one card in Reserve too.

5.2. Battle round.
Every (unopened) card on first line opened. (Front side turned up.)
Frontal clash happened. Each weaker card removed from game.
If Flank troops don't haved enemy in front of them, they are safe and support charge diagonally to Center.
After first line casualties are removed, the second line may fill holes or troops from Reserves may be sent to empty Center or Flanks.
If Centre is occupied by troops from both sides, the next Battle round occurs.

5.3. End of Battle.
Battle ends, if Centre is not occupied by troops from both sides or there is unbreakable tie in Battlefield.
If only one side can't hold Centre, then he lost the Battle, otherwise the result is tie.
Owners returned their survived cards from Battlefield. Opened cards stays opened until the end.

5.4. Spoil of War.
If Attacker wins, he get 2 Coins from Treasure Chest and can take one of Defenders Supply Train Card, if there are some.
If Defender win or ties, he get 1 Coin from Treasure Chest.
Winning side Supporters get 1 Coin from Treasure Chest, even they lose all their supporting troops in Battle.
If there are no cards left in Card Deck and firstly one Player lost all their troops in Battle, then he get Fast Player Reward - Supply Train Card.
Supply Train Card is worth 3 Victory Point Coins.

6. Next Turn.
Active Player hand over Card Deck and Treasure Chest clockwise to the next Player. This Player is now Active Player and new Turn starts.

Game ends when Card Deck is empty and nobody or only one Player have troops or Players decided to end.