French Revolutionary Generals
started 2021-12-12

Discussion about Generals are here

In 2022 I plan to start the endlessly growing set of mounted French Revolutionary Generals.
Both personalized and generic.

By myself I will sculpt The Man Himself and one generic fat General with cylindrical hat.
Other sculpts depend on demand, for what I open an kickstarter.

Creation of one figure cost 50 EUR, but kickstarter donations will be with 25 EUR steps.
So anyone may commission any one General by himself with two donations or co-operate with another commissioner to commission together.

Here are the list of discussed Generals or other persons and their status of support by commissioners.

Napoleon Buonaparte - by myself
1. Generic General, fat one with cylindrical hat - by myself

Jourdan - von Winterfeldt 100%
Moreau - von Winterfeldt 100%
Kleber - von Winterfeldt 100%
Custine - von Winterfeldt 100%
Dumas - von Winterfeldt 100%
Richepanse in 1798 uniform - von Winterfeldt 100%

2. Generic Brigade/Division General - Valmy92 100%
3. Generic Brigade/Division General - Valmy92 100%
4. Generic Brigade/Division General - Valmy92 100%
5. Generic Brigade/Division General - Valmy92 100%
Desaix - Valmy92 100%
Milhaud - Valmy92 100%
François Séverin Marceau-Desgraviers - Thomas 100%
"Monsieur Henri" de la Rochejaquelein - Thomas 100%
François Anasthase Charette de la Contrie - Thomas 100%

6. Generic General, ADC or other personage, there may be as much generic figures as you wish - not supported yet
Macdonald - not supported yet
Augereau - not supported yet
Kellermann - not supported yet
Saint Cyr - not supported yet
Pichegru - not supported yet
Dumoriez - not supported yet
Houchard - not supported yet
Scherer - not supported yet
Championnet - not supported yet
Hoche - not supported yet
Brune - not supported yet
Souham - not supported yet
Luckner - not supported yet
Turreau - not supported yet
François-Joseph Westermann - not supported yet

This list is endless and possible new Generals will be added when somebody names them

Refresh the page to see the latest status