Piedmont-Sardinian Army
started in January 2022

Discussion and suggestions about Piedmontese are here

I was told to create a support or kickstart project for Savoy-Piedmontese-Sardinian Army.
So here it is.

This project will growing as commission orders will be added.

Creation of one figure cost 50 EUR.
So anyone may support with one or several figures.

Here are the growing list of planned figures and their production status.

Fusilier - supported by Todd - sculpting started
Grenadier - supported by Jose Luis

Fusilier NCO - supported by von Winterfeldt
Grenadier NCO - supported by von Winterfeldt

Fusilier Drummer - supported by Doug
Grenadier Drummer - supported by Todd

Fusilier Fifer - not supported yet
Grenadier Fifer - not supported yet

Officer - not supported yet
Officer - not supported yet
Flagbearer - not supported yet
Mounted Officer - not supported yet

. . .

This list is growing until the whole Piedmont Army will be covered

Refresh the page to see the latest status